Ilda Simonian was born in Istanbul, where two continents meet, a city that has been a home to various cultures with many names over time. In the church, she carefully listened to hymns called Charagan in Armenian, sung since the early ages. At the age of six, Ilda began her career by singing in weekly church services in Istanbul. At the age of 14, she became the youngest member of the Sayat Nova Choir, focusing on secular and Armenian church vocal music. Soon after, she regularly performed as a soloist in the choir.

While completing her university education in economics, Ilda continued singing, joining the choir of the Armenian Apostolic Cathedral in Istanbul, as well as the Turkey Radio and Television Choir and Istanbul Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory. She became a student of the Opera department in the Department of Performing Arts. During this time, under the direction of Prof. Cenan Akın, she participated in European concerts with the Ruhi Su Dostlar choir.

In 1991, Ilda settled in the Netherlands and, alongside intensive Dutch language training, continued her vocal and musical education with the support of the Royal Dutch Musicians Association and Dutch funds. Particularly, her expressive “Centuries of Armenian Music” concerts began to receive great attention.

She performed  with the traditional music ensemble of the Yerevan Komitas Music Academy directed by Ardzas Woskanian. She participated in concerts, both domestic and international, performing Kh.Avedissian’s Oratorio, accompanying pianist Liesbeth Spits and becoming a guest in the concert series of the renowned pianist Polo de Haas. As a result of increasing acclaim, in 2006, she received an offer for a solo concert at Amsterdam Muziekgebouw ‘t IJ and recorded her first album, “My Armenian Songs,” in  Jerevan, Armenia.

In 2008, after 15 years since the release of the groundbreaking album “Traces” under the Kalan Music label, Ilda Simonian returned with a special selection for her audience, presenting a unique repertoire, performance, and teamwork in an album that is a feast for music lovers. Especially in Europe, Turkey.

In this album, dedicated to Gomidas Vartabed, also known as Soghomon Soghomonyan (1869-1936), 12 compositions compiled by him were faithfully interpreted with a superb collaboration of a string quartet and duduk.

The songs compiled by Gomidas from various parts of Anatolia, which hold a special place for Simonian, include themes of love, yearning for a beloved, unfulfilled loves, people forced to live away from their birthplace, the experiences of migration and longing for homeland, and lyrics/melodies depicting village life and nature (yerk).

In 2022 second album  titeld “Heritage” recorded  in Armenia and released in Amsterdam  under her own label Ilda Simonian.