I was twelve years old when someone living in the Netherlands sent me a cassette tape. It was a cassette tape of Armenian music. The moment I started to listen to the music emitting from the cassette tape player an “Epiphany” moment occurred to me: Something struck me like a lightning bolt. The effect of this Armenian music was so potent that eventually it paved my way to the stage, singing in front of an audience. I continued my singing pursuits by joining several choirs. Finally, I was admitted to the National Conservatory of Mimar Sinan University in Performance Arts and Opera in Istanbul. At the age of sixteen I became a chorister at the Sayat Nova Choir. While I continued my music studies I participated in the choir of the Armenian Apostolic Cathedral in Istanbul, singing wedding mass songs. During the same period I also joined the choirs of the Turkish Radio and Television Youth Choir and the Ruhi Su Friendship Choir.

In 2008, Kalan Müzik an independent record label company based in Istanbul published my first album “Traces, My Armenian Songs”. For the second project I have arranged twelve Armenian traditional songs for a string quartet and recorded with the the duduk (an ancient Armenian double reed woodwind instrument made of apricot wood). The album features joyful yet melancholic songs of homesickness.

At present I am working to finish the production and it will be ready sometime in September 2022; and all these songs can be listened to live where I can attract the attention of the people interested with the Armenian world. For the further information will follow.

My enthusiasm for the singing techniques and voices initiated me to attend the program for music teaching at the Schumann Academy. Since 1999 I have been giving singing lessons to anyone who wants to discover and develop their voice skills. For more information, see my website at www.zingze.nl.