Non-Western Classical Music is part of the cultural heritage of humanity. Everything is connected to each other.The cultural divide between nations is getting smaller and musicians and composers of all styles search interfaces. An artistic process that has been going on for decades. IldaSimonian is accompanied by pianist. An exceptional concert combination in which the most beautiful liturgical hymns and songs of Sayat-Nova, Komitas, Merangulian, Ganatsjian, Hekimian and Kh. Avedissian,  Alemshah.


Mount Alakyaz 

Mount Alakiaz is shrouded in clouds,

Vay le, le, le...

Rain has soaked the ground.

Ah, my dear, sweet mother.

Rain has soaked the ground.

Vay le,le, le,le..

But the sun has dried it out.

Ah, dear sweet mother.


Khingi dzar / Incense Tree

In front of our door threre is an incense tree

My dear beloved.

In front of your door there is one too;

My dear beloved.

The tree bears its fruit,

My dear beloved.


Ilda Simonian á capella

Inspiring people with the rare beauty of the Armenian language and culture. Ilda Simonian a cappella is a fantastic musical journey through the history of the Armenian sentimental. With beautiful melodies and vocals that touch the soul.

Discovery Ateliers - Unique journey through the ages to Armenian music

A history of falling and rising again - from the Middle Ages to after the disintegration of the Ottoman empire and the Armenian genocide around 1915 and until today. For choirs wanting to expand the unique Armenian Music repertoire.


  • Festival de Orient 2016 - Wereldkoor

  • Het voormalige Oktet te Tilburg : Liefdes liederen van Komitas en Oratorio van Kh. Avedissian.

  • Good Company: Oratorio van Kh. Avedissian ter nagedachtenis van slachtoffers van 1915

  • Sophie's Voice te Utrecht Liefdesliederen van KOMITAS

  • Europa Cantaat XVI- te Utrecht 2009

  • Merlijn Twaalfhooven  

  • Slavuj 2017 o.l.v. Ivo Boswijk "het licht van duizend sterren" 

    Oratorio van Kh. Avedissian ter nagedachtenis van slachtoffers van 1915

  • Early 1999 Ilda Simonian opened her own vocal studio in Amsterdam. Ilda has a spacious studio where she gives with great enthusiasm and knowledge lessons to motivated students. She has over the years built a thriving practice singing with students singing at different levels, from beginners to professional singers, in short, a varied teaching practice. Ilda Simonian is an experienced and enthusiastic singing teacher. She has over the years developed its own method of teaching. Her biggest passion is to others to convey her knowledge in the field of music and song. This is a discovery made jointly with the aim of developing their unique voice with a complete vocal technique.